Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wedding Update

So here's the scoop so far on our wedding. I have my dress picked out. We've paid for James' suit, and Brendan's. We ordered our cake so all those of you who are thinking about not coming your loss because it has four layers. Bottom Layer: carrot cake with cream cheese filling. One layer up: Almond poppy with custard filling. Second layer up: Lemon Pound cake with lemon filling. And the top is orange cream with bavarian cream. We ordered it from Granite Bakery in SLC. The best part is we got to test taste them. So I'm telling you know.......THEY ARE DELICIOUS. We'll be sending out our 6 month save the dates here in about a week or so. They are stinkin cute. Tonya and I designed them together (mostly tonya's brilliantness) but they rock. I'm getting more excited as it gets closer but also a little more stressed. Oh and we have our honey moon booked. So where we going? WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo. I think that's about all for now I'll try to add another blog soon. Sorry for slackin.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


For my 21st birthday. Me and James decided to go on a 3 hour train ride on the heber creeper. Here are some pics of the day.