Monday, March 30, 2009

Pine Car Derby

Recently our ward had pine car derby for the adults and they also had a kids category. JR took first and Christian Second but it was a close race. So close they had to race them again and it was still hard to tell. James has never built a pinecar before but I think he did a pretty good job. He didn't place but his car looked pretty cool and he hand painted the wheels silver to look like rims. His is the red car in these pics.

Draper Temple Open House

When James' mom was here we had the opportunity to take her to the draper temple open house. I think and hope that it was a good experience for her. James' I know enjoyed it, it was all he talked about for days. I almost had to drag him out of the celestial room. I wish we could have spent more time there but we had to make sure James' mom got to the airport on time. We are excited about seeing another open house soon though.

Mothers, Weddings, and Birthdays

The same day that my cousin Katie got married we picked up James' mom for a visit. We got to pick her up and show her around Temple Square. Then we got to attend a few mins of my cousins beautiful reception. It was a nice reception and Katie looked gorgeous.

While James' mom was here it happened to be James' birthday. It was nice to have his mom there to help celebrate his birthday cake. This was his cake. A mountain dew volcano of sorts created by my sister Jacque. It was a lemon pound cake and I'll just tell you now I'm not usually a lemon cake person but this one was awesome. Almost everyone wanted seconds and James' mom ate it for breakfast the rest of the time she was with us (much to James' dismay afterall it was his cake)

James got a lot of awesome gifts but I think one of the one's he liked the most was his main gift. It's rc helicopter. We'll have to keep you updated on whether or not he learns to fly it without hurting anything.

After the gifts and cake we settled down to play some WII AMERICAN IDOL PETERSON STYLE. Lol Christian and JR did an awesome job. Simon thought Grandma should do better. But I think Paige really stood out from the crowd. Maybe we should all try swallowing the mic.

Jeff Dunham

This is us heading to see one of our favorite comedians. I got the tickets as part of James' birthday present but I enjoyed it too. So it was a Win-Win situation.

This is James and his Jeff Dunham Merchandise. Yes we know it says a bad word.

This is about the best picture we had of the program. We were too busy enjoying too take a lot of pics. But it was AWESOME!!! It was so good we hope to catch it the next time he comes back through. Hopefully with better seats even though ours weren't bad.


This is preciouss I got her when I was a sophomore in highschool. She is a golden retriever white lab mix. She is very loveable and will shake your hands or play the occasional game of fetch. (p.s. I couldn't think of a name so jacque named her...........if you can't get it's from Lord of the Rings).

This is not the greatest picture in the world. But her name is Pippen. Again Jacque named her. We got her the day of my dad's 50th birthday. But she is mine. She is more shy but if you need a dog that can get out of anything, and I mean anything. Including chain link, bungee cords, duck tape, wood, wire, ect..... She is the dog to do it. She is a regular Houdini. She is a beast some times but we still love her.
And this one on the right is Koby. He's gotten a lot bigger than the last pictures I posted but he is an awesome dog. We've worked a lot more with him than any of the others so he listens a little better than they do. He like Preciouss will fetch and shake your hand but we've been trying to teach him to stay. and we're attempting to teach him to roll over. So this is our dog family. Aren't they cute?