Sunday, June 21, 2009


Outside our new place we have my flower pot (kinda my wedding colors with the coolest flowers that feel like paper called straw flowers) our shed/garage and bbq. Our garden which we will be growing corn,carrots,cauliflower,brocolli, tomatoes, cantalope, peppers, peas, and string beans in. And our dog run. That's right my mom's backyard is now dogless. (And I know she misses them more than she might be willing to admit, maybe not the mess but she misses the dogs). The dogs have adjusted pretty good but I think my neighbors have some chickens and so the dogs do bark a little bit. But there is a basic showing of my new home. The main reason I had to move is because it was becoming really tiresome to be called in at midnight or two in the morning when i'm on call and have to drive to vernal from roosevelt (which is about a 30-45 min drive). So that's my new place. Come by and see it some time. Friends are always welcome. Family by appointment only. ha ha just kidding.

Misc. Inside

These are a mix of pictures of the rest of the house. I forgot to take pics of my room soon to be master bedroom. But this is our bathroom(kinda tiny but cute) then the living room and our book shelf in the hallway.

J.J.'s Room

James also has a son. His names is James Edwin Sage Jr. (J.J. for short). This will be his room when they come. J.J. is 10 but will be 11 in March. J.J. is kinda your all american boy. He loves baseball, cars, and Nascar. Again we pretty much used things that I had or that James had to decorate the room. I hope that J.J. will find it cool. We put pics of him and his baseball team up and also some other cool things. We also did some renovation on his furniture. The Yafa tower with the green drawer and the dresser were both originally white. But we got some black and green spray paint and you know what I think it's pretty awesome.

Shy's Room

James has a daughter named Shylah (shy for short). When we get her for the summer this will be her room. I've mostly decorated with what I had and some new things bought and given but I think the room turned out really cute and I hope she will like it. She is 11 but will be 12 in September. She's kinda diva/tomboy if that's possible and she loves highschool musical. So I've tried to bring those things into her room as well as pictures of her to make it more personable.

New Place

Laundry Room (nook)

The picture below is part of the Kitchen/dining room where my (soon to be our) dining table is.

This picture is part of the kitchen and you can kind of see into the living room.

Again the kitchen.

Add VideoThis is the backdoor but this is what will be used to enter.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The real Tail of Two Kitties!

So here is our story about our kitties. One cold day, James was doing yard work for Beastmama. While he was outside he heard some meowing so he decided to investigate. He looked under her bridge and found a momma kitty with some baby kittens. They were maybe a few days old at the most. There was a total of 5 but 3 had already died. So we moved the momma and two remaining kitties to James' apartment. We helped raise them and eventually let the mama go. But we kept the two kitties (despite my sister's protests). Their names are Simon and Josie. We had to get rid of them though because my new landlord won't allow pets. Oh yeah. I moved but I'll post a new blog about that. But here are some pics of my kitties. We loved them alot since we had them since they were babies but we couldn't realistically keep them anyways since so many in my family are allergic.

Sorry don't know why it posted before I finished my text.

The Tail of Two Kitties

Not her best side but this is Josie.