Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day with the buddhas (part one-dinosaurs)

So Jacque and Cory decided to take the buddhas to the dinosaur museum. Since the museum is just down the street I decided to go along and help babysit (Jacque and Cory can be quite the handful.) Well one of the funniest things for me was to watch Brendan. He would put his leg into the display and make the announcement go off telling us that we were to close to the display and so he would move his foot then just put it right back. It was funny (at first). All the kids seemed to enjoy lookin at all the fossils and bones. Brendan kept growling which I hope meant he liked the dinosaurs too. One of my favorite pictures was of Christian standing with his big beautiful smile next to one of the dinosaurs who wanted to smile just as big as he was.